Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Basi suda ni blog sy!

kijap2....skrg 2009 masih ka? eh 2011 suda! astaga...punya men lama sy tida update ni blog..
min rajin2 la kunun ni mau update start dari skrg..phewiet! 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A license to kill..

hey people, how ya doin?
it's been a long time since my last post..well yeah, these past 2 months i dont have the idea to write bah. anyhow, the Kudat story is no more already. i have finished doing my posting there. now we start fresh with my Bukit Padang story hehe. ok, today my group went to HQE psychiatric clinic. oh, i forgot to mention that now i'm currently doing my Psychiatry posting at Hospital Mesra Bukit Padang. so as usual we do our routine stuffs la. clerk patient+clerk patient+clerk patient...n clerk patient. no ending rite? yes, that's life as medical student. so after we finished clerking few patients, we discussed some of the case with one of the doctor. and bla..bla..bla..bla..bla...finish.
nah, here is the main content of our discussion ' a license to kill '. do u have a car license? i guess u do have one. with that car licence of yours, hell yes u can legally drive your car on the road. but wait, have u ever thought that even a slightest mistake in driving could kill other innocent soul ? the same goes to medical doctors. they have the licence to treat people. however, at the same time that licence can be misused, abused or be used for other non-medical purpose. and the worst is to be expected if there is a mistake in treating or diagnosing patients. true, we can never escape from making mistake. its part of our life. but then, if we are always try to improve ourself, we can prevent those innocent soul from being the victim of our own mistake. Like i said, a licence to treat people, but at the same time............a license to kill.        

Monday, August 17, 2009

kudat (update 3)

from left: ram, ren woei, me, alex, izzati, ieyta & qing ci

from left: prof dr tracy, me, ren woei & ram

from left: ram, alex & mahir

my group

No story. Just pictures. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

kudat (update 2)

from left: Mahir, Alex, me, Qing ci & Ren woei

Can u identify the pattern of the stars ?
Man i tell u this is just amazing. i love this picture so much. this picture was taken just outside of our RMEC building. haha somehow the picture looks a little scary but hey this is not the main purpose of taking this picture ok. for those of you astronomy lover, i am sure u guys, just with an instant look at this picture, can easily identified the constellation of the stars. but actually ar, there was a funny story behind this stunning view of the stars. we went out of the main gate without informing the security guard in charge. so in return we got a free 'ceramah' from the pakcik jaga. mr security guard, i know u wont be reading this but i just want to say sori for keluar without informing u 1st.. kami pun baru 4 hari masuk sini bah so belum tau sangat rules & regulation sini. anyway, dont mind the free ceramah. at least the satisfaction is there coz finally i managed to appreciate & get a good view at the 'scorpio'. damn beautiful!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kudat (update 1)

8.30 am : wake up.
8.31 am : sleep again.
8.33 am : wake up. bath.
9.00 am : breakfast
9.30 am : play dota
10.30 am: online
12.30 am: lunch
2.00 pm : online
5.00 pm : sleep
8.00 pm : dinner
1 word to describe my posting here = boring.
nevermine. 1 week passed. 6 weeks to go..huh.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kudat !

Yo watsup!
Guess where i am rite now? 5 bucks if u get it right.
haha guys, anyway i m currently doing my posting here at kudat.
juz last week i finished my combined specialities posting. usually there is a 1 week holiday at the end of every posting but sadly this time our holiday is after 2 consecutive posting.
actually rite now i dont have any idea to write. i juz wanted to post something here so this is it. feel sleepy. so tired. better go to bed. i guess i'll see u in my next 'kudat update'. nites folks..:)